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A business that makes $100,000 in profit donates 1% or $1000 dollars. Of that one thousand, eighty percent goes to the school of the member’s choice. The donor can choose the school and what learning resources/supplies shall be purchased. They decide to give to their alma mater and request that we purchase five laptop computers. We purchase the computers and ship them directly to the school. In this way, the money is always accounted for! Money will never be used to supplement teacher salaries.

arrowdown The donor can also leave the decision of choosing the school and the learning resources/supplies to us. If we are given this honor, we will focus our efforts in schools whose communities really need our help.




All donations to the schools are made in the donor’s name, unless they choose to remain anonymous.


The donor will get a letter from the school thanking them for their support. The donor will also receive all receipts to maintain accountability.


Twenty percent of the donation will be used to aggressively promote the 1% for Public Schools brand, and the business members who support us. It will also be used for general costs, such as, updating website, purchasing and updating office equipment, salaries, rent, bills, and general supplies. We believe transparency is the philanthropic way. All of our financial and legal documents are available for viewing.


We will also accept donation from businesses and individuals. These individuals will be known as friends of 1% for Public schools. Please see our list of Friends.

Supporting us is important, and it’s easy!

Friends of 1% for Public schools help us reach our lofty goals by donating any amount they wish. The ground swell of support is rising. With each dollar donated, we will be able to recruit more businesses, and in turn, help more public schools.

See our list of Friends

Contribution receipts will be sent via email, usually within 5-10 business days. If you wish to support us in another way, feel free to give us a call at 650-690-7430.

Join up!

Becoming a member is as easy as getting an A in P.E.!

Joining the 1% for Public Schools family is easy. Just give us a call at 650-690-7430.

We will ask for some basic information about your business. With the information, we will be able to customize a licensing agreement for your business. Be assured that we will never share or sell your information to anyone!

The signed licensing agreement, along with the 1% donation, will give you exclusive rights to the 1% for Public Schools logo. We will also send you a form to add your company’s logo, bio, and website link to our member page


Becoming a friend!

It’s easy! Your tax deductible donation helps us with our operating costs. In turn, we are able to recruit more businesses and raise more money for schools in need!

Friends can be business or individuals who want donate any amount they wish.

Depending on your donation amount, you can also receive the stylish, form fitting organic public school t-shirt.

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See our list of friends!



About Us

One Percent for Public Schools, a certified 501c3 charity, was formed by a group of public school teachers.

One Percent for Public Schools has a clear mission: address the lack of technology, learning materials, and supplies in the classroom. We created a platform where both businesses and public schools benefit.

Tax Exempt 501c3 Document

Articles of Incorporation

1% for Public Schools By-Laws

Businesses that donate one percent of their profits, become members, and get exclusive rights to our 1% logo. Our 1% logo can be used on all member products, emails, marketing, and promotional campaigns etc.- creating a positive perception of their company, more customer loyalty, and new business. This is a win-win situation. The business improves its self worth, its name/brand, and its bottom line.

Most importantly, public schools get the learning materials and supplies they so desperately need. It should pay to give; with 1% for Public Schools, it does.

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